In 2012, Seacoast Music was launched as the songwriting and recording arm of Seacoast Worship. Seacoast Music focuses on creating and producing original songs and albums.

Seacoast Music exists to create experiences that allow people to connect with God through music. We believe that worship is at the heart of what it means to find God, grow in our faith, discover our purpose, and make a difference. We are committed to authentic expressions of worship, not performance, traditions, or trends. To that end, we strive for our worship experiences to be accessible, relevant, and heartfelt, drawing people into the presence of God.

Seacoast Church began in 1988 as a group of 65 people meeting together with a collective heart to see God move in the city of Charleston, SC. Since then Seacoast has grown to include thousands of believers gathering across multiple campuses. Though outwardly the church looks very different, the values underlying all that we do have not changed, including an authentic, Spirit-filled, transparent time of worship where people are encouraged to meet with the Lord in an unhindered environment.